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Posted by on Mar 28, 2017 in FAQ: Annotate for Google Chrome

Speed Tricks: Annotate PRO for Google Docs

If you’re an Annotate fan, or even just kicking the tires, you care about giving rich, personalized feedback fast.

So here are four hacks to help you go even faster:

  1. With the Annotate PRO toolbar showing, highlight some text in Google Docs, type CTRL-ALT-A (to jump to the Annotate search box) and start typing to search your currently selected Libraries. Find one you like? Hit Enter and the comment will appear in Google Docs ready for further editing.
    1. Even better? Groom the perfect set of Favorite buttons and simply highlight, then click a friendly blue Favorite button to add a comment.
  2. Flip ON One-click editing to add AP comments AND post them to Google Docs. You can always edit them later. Great for giving lots of grammar feedback when you’ve got a great Library to draw from…To turn this option on, visit your Account page and toggle Edit to One-click:  
  3. Pop open Annotate PRO with ALT-A. You’ll be able to start typing in the Annotate search box or can scroll down to get to Favorites.
    1. If this doesn’t work for you, and you get ‘å’, visit chrome://extensions/ in your browser, scroll to the very bottom of the page, click Keyboard shortcuts, and click ALT-A in the Annotate PRO row. You can pick any shortcut you’d like…ALT-A doesn’t seem to interfere with any major pre-existing shortcuts.
  4. Insert comments into a Google Doc with ALT-CMD-M (Mac) or ALT-CTRL-M (PC).
    • Just highlight some text, or place the cursor where you want, and pop in a new comment bubble with this handy Google keyboard shortcut. You can then ALT-A to open Annotate’s popup to search, click into the Annotate toolbar search (if toolbars are enabled), or click a Favorite to add text to the existing comment.
    • Note: CTRL-ALT-A will not work from inside a Google Docs comment bubble. Google Docs blocks shortcut keys when your cursor is blinking inside a comment (we don’t know why). So just right-click to use the AP context menu or (if your toolbar is open) use search or a Favorite to insert text.

In all cases, after your Annotate PRO text appears, you can tap Space, then Tab, then Space to add the comment.

  • Adding the space changes Google Docs’ understanding of the subsequent Tab command, and makes it possible to move focus to the Comment button, which will add your comment to the document.
  • An added benefit is that clicking Space makes the comment area grow, so you can see the entire comment and quickly edit to personalize further.