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Posted by in Annotate PRO - General Questions, FAQ: Annotate for Google Chrome, FAQ: Annotate for Word (2016+)

How can I see ALL the Comments in a Library?

If you’re new to Annotate PRO you will want to familiarize yourself with libraries you did not author but would like to use.

These may the College Edition, Legal Writing Edition, or Useful Quotations libraries from 11trees, or libraries shared by your colleagues.

Here’s the best way to get a quick overview vs. trying to review while using Annotate:

  1. Visit Edit Active Comments
    1. For Word users, click Edit in the Annotate taskpane, choose Manage Libraries, then click Edit Active Comments in the resulting window
    2. For web editor users (any Annotate user can access their library directly, bypassing the Word and Chrome apps), log in, then click Edit Active Comments in the resulting window
    3. This feature is coming to Chrome – but all Chrome users can use the web editor
  2. Choose one or more Libraries that are Available to you by clicking on the multi-select dropdown
  3. Click Print or Copy to Clipboard

If you copy to clipboard you can then paste all of the content into Excel, Google Sheets, a Document – whatever – to review at your leisure. We suggest a comfy chair, a stiff drink, and a roaring fireplace…

Here’s a screenshot of the Print feature: