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Posted by in FAQ: Annotate for Word (2016+)

How do I remove (uninstall) Annotate PRO for Word 2016?

Sometimes removing an Office Add-in, then reinstalling, is the best way to clear out some cobwebs – particularly if you have updated Word recently and aren’t seeing capabilities in Annotate that you expect.

Or maybe you kicked the tires and decided you’ll go back to copy and paste:)

Either way, removing and reinstalling is easy. And, of course, doing so doesn’t affect your Annotate account.

  1. Open Word 2016
  2. Click on the Insert tab
  3. Click the My Add-ins button
  4. Click “See All” at the bottom of the resulting list
  5. Hover over Annotate PRO and notice that three dots appear in the top right. Click the three dots.
  6. Click Remove

It should look something like this:

  You can easily reinstall Annotate PRO by visiting the Office Store, searching for Annotate PRO, and clicking Add. Logging in with your existing credentials will get you right back where you want to be!