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Posted by on Mar 20, 2017 in Annotate PRO - General Questions

How do I purchase Annotate PRO?

The first 30 Comments in Annotate PRO are free forever. We will also offer free content that you can use, like our Useful Quotations Library.

We aren’t charging for Annotate PRO College Edition or Legal Writing Edition yet, mostly because we want to get people using our new solution and partly because we haven’t built payment functionality!

So thank you for asking…but you can’t buy Annotate PRO! We anticipate having payments in place by the end of November 2017. Once payments are in place for individuals we will offer a 14 day free trial of all our features.

The longer it takes us to build payments the more free usage you’ll get!

Of course institutions can get going, now, with a site license to share customized libraries with all of their instructors and (potentially) students. Just contact us to get that ball rolling.

We hope to build a sustainable business with our 11trees’ solution, and so want to keep prices affordable – especially for individuals. We anticipate the following annual subscription pricing of individual licenses:

  • College Edition: $36/year
  • Legal Writing Edition: $55/year

Individuals will be able to license a “blank” Annotate PRO – to create their own libraries from scratch – for $24/year. The College Edition and Legal Writing Edition include the ability to create additional libraries.

Learn more on our pricing page.