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Posted by in FAQ: Annotate for Word (2016+)

How do I get a specific name to show on my comment bubbles in Word?

If you use Annotate PRO (AP) to insert comments into Word documents – by highlighting text, then clicking an AP Comment or using the Free Form feature – you’ll notice that the name associated with the comments is NOT the name connected to your Word account.

We built this feature to support writing centers and tutoring organizations that do not want a personal name on Comments; clients sharing Libraries can actually specify the name they want to appear on Word comments. See for more on this.

Individual users have a few choices when it comes to the name that will appear on comments in Word:

  • You can change your name in AP to match what you’d like to appear in comment bubbles. To do this:
    1. Click the gear icon in the taskpane menu, then Account
    2. Edit your name – changes are saved automatically
    3. Log out and back in


  • Change the “Insert Name” on your Library or Libraries to your preferred text. This assumes you’re using Libraries you have authored.
  • Alternately you can also flip AP to Inline mode (toggle in the taskpane – ‘Comment’ vs. ‘Inline’), then manually create comment bubbles (the way you always would in Word, which will put the name associated with your Word account on comments, THEN use AP to insert text at the blinking cursor in the comment bubble. Don’t use the Free Form Comment option in the AP taskpane if you go this route.