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Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in FAQ: Annotate for Word (pre-2017) - Windows Editions

How can I save my Comment Library (Windows users)

There are a number of reasons you might want to save and backup your comment library:

  1. You want to install/upgrade your version of Annotate and preserve your comment library
  2. You’ve invested a lot of time editing the comments, and want to make sure you keep them safe
  3. You want to share your comment library with another Annotate user
  4.  You want to install your comment library on another computer you use

Here’s how to save, backup, and replace your comment library:

  1. Close Microsoft Word
  2. Make sure your computer will allow you to see ‘hidden’ files.
    • Open Windows Explorer
    • You can find Windows Explorer by going to the “start” icon on the bottom left corner of your screen, selecting “Programs” (or “All programs” depending on your computer), and selecting “Accessories”  Within “Accessories,” you’ll find “Windows Explorer.”  Click that.
    • Find “Folder Options” in the “Tools” header.  You’ll see it in the dropdown.  Once you click “Folder Options,” click the “View” tab.  Find the “Show Hidden files and folders” option and select it. Click “Apply” and then close Folder options.
      • In Windows 8.1 this folder is hidden by default. Just another example of Microsoft being “helpful.”
      • You can unhide it by checking “Hidden items” in the View tab of File Explorer. See image below (click the image for a larger version):
  3. Find your Annotate Comment Library (which is called “anno_content.sdf”)
    • In Windows Explorer open “My Computer” (or “Computer,” depending on your operating system). You should see all of your disk drives.  Click the “C” drive (which is your local drive).
    • Open the “Documents and Settings” folder
    • You should see a folder labeled with your Windows user name (often your name). Open this folder.
    • Open the “Application Data” folder.
    • If you skipped Step 2 above, you won’t be able to see this folder
    • Open the “11Trees” folder
    • Open the “Annotate…” folder (the exact name varies depending on the version of Annotate you have)
  4. Copy the file named “anno_content.sdf” (You can do this by right-clicking your mouse and then selecting “Copy”).

You can paste this library file anywhere. It might be a good idea to email it to yourself. This will allow you to access it remotely in the future (which will be helpful if you want to import your specific comments created on one computer to another computer — a laptop, a home computer, etc.– which you may also use for commenting).

If you installed Annotate on another computer, or updated your current version of Annotate, the comment library would be returned to its original state (i.e. no customizations). If you have saved your Comment Library, you can simply paste it into the 11trees\Annotate folder, and the default library will be replaced with the custom one.

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