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Canopy Fall Webinars – Make Canvas LMS Data Actionable

Have you ever looked at a giant discussion board in Canvas and wondered where to begin? Or wished you could somehow know who has replied TO you? Or could grade discussions AND, at the same time, provide feedback to the public discussion (not just SpeedGrader)?

Canopy is a new solution, from Canvas partner 11trees, that transforms course data into an instructor-centric experience. Canopy doesn’t replace Canvas – it compliments it. Contact us to learn about our affordable pilot opportunities or sign up for an August 2021 webinar.

Canopy saves time, reduces frustration, and gives me immediate insight into classroom discussions in a truly innovative way. If you rely on discussion boards in your online classes, you need Canopy. I cannot be more enthusiastic in my endorsement.

Jim Benton

Instructor, Eastern Oregon University

Discussions at warp speed

Gain a bird’s eye view of all discussion activity. Hover to dip in and quickly read, then respond. Your response goes to Canvas as if you typed it there yourself. Alternately message or email a student.

Understand discussion health

Experiment with new algorithms like Discussion Health and Influencer Score. How active and deep are your discussions? Who is moving the conversation forward?