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Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in FAQ: Annotate for Word - Mac Edition (pre-2017)

How can I save my Comment Library (Mac users)

Mac users benefit from having their Comment Library stored in a Word document.

To open the library and edit it, simply click Edit Annotate (when first starting Word) or Edit Annotate’s buttons and content if you’ve already started Annotate.

Your Comment Library will open – in the form of tables in a Word document.

To change the buttons and content added when you click a button, edit the tables…add rows, change the existing rows etc. Then click Run/Refresh Annotate in the Annotate menu to update the menus in Microsoft Word. Rinse and repeat to your heart’s content!

Some notes:

  1. The help text in the document (that takes up the first page or so) can be safely deleted…or moved to the bottom of the document.
  2. As long as the file name (“AnnotateCE_CommentLibrary” for College Edition users) stays the same, you can happily edit away. See Using Annotate for Word for detailed instructions.
    • If you’re upgrading Annotate, or installing on a new computer, you can always update the default library with your modified version by either:
      • Replacing the default Comment Library Word document entirely with your modified version.
        – OR –
      • Copying the tables from your customized Comment Library and pasting them into the Comment Library created after a fresh install of Annotate.
  3. We include a backup of the original Comment Library when you install Annotate. So your Word/Startup folder will have two libraries – the one you modify and a clean, original copy you can always use to view the help documentation or retrieve the original library. Most Mac user’s Word/Startup folder is located here: ~/Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/Startup/Word



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