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Can I reorder Comments or Groups in Annotate PRO?


As of mid-September 2017 users can sort Groups and Comments – boom!

The screenshot below shows a user editing the College Edition Library. This image shows Manage Libraries in our web editor, but the experience is identical in our Word 2016 app and Chrome Extension.

  • Groups from Libraries you did NOT author are not sortable. That is why Custom Group2 has an up/down arrow next to it (#1 in the screenshot below) and Argument, Evidence, Organization etc. do not.
  • To sort Groups simply click on a row, ‘grab,’ drag to your desired location, and click Update in the Groups column.
  • To sort Comments for a selected Group, click the Sort button (#2 in the image below), drag Comments in the resulting pop up window, then click Update Order.
    • Users can sort Comments, even if they didn’t author them, unless the author of the content has disallowed the extending of their content.