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Posted by in Annotate PRO - General Questions, FAQ: Annotate for Google Chrome

Can I use Annotate PRO with Canvas SpeedGrader in full screen?

One of Canvas SpeedGrader’s great features is the ability to go full screen: just you and the document. Doing so will hide all the noise of your browser including (seemingly) access to Chrome Extensions and the optional Annotate PRO toolbar for Canvas.

But do not fear! Your amazing libraries of reusable comments are just a click away…

You have two options for accessing your content:

  1. ALT-A to pop open the Annotate PRO Extension, then use full-text search or just click a blue favorite button.
  2. Right-click and select from your libraries by scrolling through them.

Note: you can highlight or create a point annotation, then go straight to Annotate PRO; Annotate PRO will simultaneously create the comment AND add the selected text…ready for your customization. Scroll through the 3 screenshots below to get a quick feel for how AP works with SG…