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Posted by on Aug 11, 2017 in Annotate PRO, Annotate PRO - General Questions

Can I change the order of Annotate’s Groups or Comments Within Groups?

Update: as of September 2017 Annotate PRO now features sorting of Groups and Comments!!!

We got a great question from a new user today – asking whether they could reorder Groups and Comments within Groups.

I thought my response was worth sharing – as a little marker in time and also for all those Annotate power users out there patiently waiting for features that are very logical to expect.

So – my response to the above question:

I very much appreciate you taking the time to write and articulate the features that will be important to you. I love the LW users because if I can make life more efficient (with a better outcome for students) then I know I’m winning!

To answer your question about the video: yes, that’s me! Apologies for the production value.
To answer your questions about sorting directly: no.

Not right now.

The search capability is quite powerful, though – so ordering doesn’t quite matter as much if you can just search your entire library by typing a few keystrokes.

However, I completely get your line of questioning. I’m a power user of software, and if I saw Annotate PRO right now my response would be, “wow – cool! How do I sort and add new comments?”

And if the answer was, “you can’t” I’d shrug my shoulders and move on.

This is why I’m working feverishly on exactly the features you’re looking for. Including supporting multiple libraries…so you could have a core LW library and then assignment or course specific ones you easily activate and deactivate.

My goal is to have these features out, at least the big pieces, by Labor Day.

Sorting isn’t on my list for this initial release…again, partly because of the power of Search but also because sorting is complicated from a browser point of view and so testing across Chrome, IE11, Safari etc. will be delicate.

But here’s what you will have:
Ability to add new Groups – even to the core LW library.
Ability to add new Comments to existing Groups
Proper naming of the LW Groups (right now it’s a weird shorthand that was unintended but is “good enough” for now).
Ability to create entirely new libraries with the above features.
Ordering is baked into the design, it just won’t be activated.

Since Annotate is free right now, and will probably continue to be free until the end of September (I don’t want to charge until I have these features plus I have to code the payment stuff!) I’d encourage you to experiment with the current Annotate PRO and you’ll automatically get these improvements.