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Become an 11trees Contributing Author

Annotate PRO is built on a simple idea: that great teachers provide terrific, targeted, personalized feedback. And much of that feedback is repetitive.

We don’t teach our kids to say “please” by reminding them once.

Annotate PRO is built to support many disciplines – a single library can be used, and customized, by thousands of instructors.

So today we are announcing our Contributing Author program – designed to help great educators, in many different fields, scale their expertise and help potentially hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

Educators selected to become a Contributing Author will:

  • Enjoy unlimited use of Annotate PRO for themselves and five colleagues.
  • Share in revenue from sales of the Library or Libraries they create or donate proceeds to your favorite charity.
  • Enjoy increased visibility by authoring articles for, one of the most visited websites for writing help.

We have some experience with this sort of arrangement. While we authored our core College Edition library, Professor Mitchell Nathanson of Villanova Law School authors our popular Legal Writing Edition library. John Locke, a deeply experienced teacher of English Language Learners currently teaching in Shenzhen, China, is authoring our ELL Edition and related articles.

Until recently we could not easily add new libraries and make them available to all users. That technical hurdle is now behind us and we can rapidly add additional content. We have specific content areas we know will lend themselves to Annotate PRO but are eager to hear from educators with innovative ideas on how reusable comments could help speed great feedback.

We are actively seeking contributing authors in the following areas:

  • ​Middle School English Language Arts aligned with Common Core
  • Non-English Languages (grammar, speaking: Spanish, French, Chinese etc.)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Technical Writing
  • PhD Dissertation Style Guide
  • MLA/APA/Chicago
    • Capturing the detailed rules and guidelines for these much-used citation systems
  • English Grammar
    • Our College Edition covers the basics, but we know some curricula and proofreaders want to get way into the weeds on grammar rules.

How does it work?

  1. ​Complete the interest form below.
  2. Schedule a brief 15 minute phone conversation with 11trees. We’ll fill in the details on revenue share, expectations, and process.
    • We’ll set you up with a free six months of Annotate PRO just for having a quick chat about your plans!
  3. Author a minimum of 100 Comments and, depending on the subject area, a specific number of short articles for that clarify topics raised in the brief comments.
  4. Finalize the content through a rapid editorial process, collaborate with us to set a price point, and then we publish!
    • Teachers around the world will be able to discover your work and purchase it to help their own teaching and feedback practice.

We share revenue with you on a monthly basis – from day 1.

Complete the form below to get started and learn more.

11trees Contributing Author Interest Form:

7 + 2 =