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AP Admin Role

Organizations and schools with an Institutional license can create  Admins with the ability to view and create new users, promote other users to be Exec Editors or Admins and to perform all the functions of a regular instructor and Exec Editor.

Admins can also review and export all data created by the institution’s users.

Here we see an Admin (notice the additional main menu entry) filtering ALL data by a single instructor.

Not shown in this screenshot are the actual Comments – appearing in alphabetical order – representing all the feedback created by this particular instructor using AP.

Click image for a larger view.

Remember that, in Google Docs and Canvas SpeedGrader, AP has superpowers: AP can optionally save ALL the comments a user adds as comment bubbles (both Google Docs and Canvas SpeedGrader), rubric comments (Canvas SpeedGrader) and overall assignment comments (Canvas SpeedGrader). This data capture can even include (for Canvas) Course, Assignment and Student meta data – creating a rich record of feedback.

For the first time, educators can understand exactly what sort of feedback is being provided to students – across a program, college, school or entire institution. Is your writing instruction focused mostly on mechanical issues (commas, typos)? Or are you engaging students with big ideas, rhetoric and teaching academic research and the use of evidence? 

Click image for a larger view.

Admin users can filter by instructor to query activity and review then export feedback. 

Here we see all activity for a specific user – including the date of first feedback, latest feedback, total Comment count and then the exact details of feedback created including the text entered.

The admin can sort, filter and export this data.

Click image for a larger view.

Click image for a larger view.

Admin users can list all users, add new ones manually, and adjust user permissions including:

  • Instructor, Exec Editor or Admin role?
  • Ability to Edit?

If a user does not have the ability to Edit they can simply use Libraries provided to them and cannot create their own content.



Admins can review all activity, seeing numbers of Comments created via AP’s Microsoft Word app and browser Extension.

Columns are easily sorted and data can be searched and exported.

Click image for a larger view.

Click image for a larger view.

Admins can create new users or double-click to edit existing users.