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Announcing Site Licensing for Annotate PRO Legal Writing Edition

We are very pleased to announce Site License options for Annotate PRO Legal Writing Edition.

A number of law schools have purchased multiple copies of Annotate since we introduced it in 2011. Since we released a Mac OS X version (for Mac Office 2011), many of our users have requested dual installers to cover all the computers they use. We’ve fielded many, many emails from users who have replaced their computer and need an updated installer. We’ve worked with various IT staff at various schools to get installers into faculty hands and manage updates/improvements.

Now, with the all-new Annotate PRO for Microsoft Office 365 / Word 2016, we are able to offer easy registration for users from the same institution.

We set up your email domain (“”) as a client institution in our system, add whichever Libraries you want to make available, and then all users coming from that email domain are automatically registered and provided with the desired content.