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Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in FAQ: Annotate for Word (pre-2017) - Windows Editions

Annotate suddenly disappeared from Word. What should I do (Windows users)?

Microsoft Word add-ins, like Annotate, can disappear from the Word ribbon for a number of reasons. Here are the steps to take if you experience this problem:

  1. Do not uninstall Annotate. If you do, you will lose your customized database.
  2. Make a backup of your comments database. You can easily copy the database by following the instructions in the following article, which discusses sharing your database of comments with other Annotate users:
  3. Follow the instructions in the following Microsoft Knowledge base article to attempt to bring back the add-in:
  4. Email us ( if you can provide any details about what procedures/buttons you were using when Annotate disappeared.

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