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Posted by in FAQ: Annotate for Word (2016+)

Annotate sometimes changes the font of my selected text – why?

You may notice that highlighted text with Annotate PRO comments attached, in Word 2016, sometimes have a different font than the rest of the document (or section of the document).

The reasons are similar to why Annotate sometimes seems to mess up bulleted/numbered text. We hope Microsoft improve support for the comment ‘object’ so that we can improve this aspect of Annotate.

Changing fonts is more unusual than the bulleted list issue – if a document has styles set up properly then there won’t be a problem. If custom font settings are used then you may run into the problem.

Luckily there are two easy workarounds:

First up: instead of highlighting a word or multiple words, just insert a comment at a particular cursor location. Then use Annotate PRO as normal.

Or, if you really want to highlight text, flip Annotate PRO to Inline comments (flip the toggle switch at the top of the Insert taskpane), add a Word comment bubble the old way (‘New Comment’), and then use Annotate to insert a comment at the cursor location in the comment bubble.