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Posted by in FAQ: Annotate for Word (2016+)

Annotate PRO’s menu buttons are greyed out and I can’t do anything?

Our friends at Microsoft have to support many, many versions of Word. If you are experiencing greyed out buttons and the inability to use Annotate PRO it’s probably because the file you have opened is a “.doc” file, not a “.docx” file.

Which means the file format predates Microsoft’s move to XML-based documents in 2004. Yes, your file is saved as a “1997 – 2004” style Word document.

No, you shouldn’t have to care about this…but unfortunately you do. At least if you want to use Add-ins like Annotate PRO.

The solution is simple but annoying: save the document as a NEW file and make sure to make it a “.docx” format. The screenshot below illustrates this change on a Mac. Windows is very similar.

Just make sure to Save As and create a new file. Then Annotate PRO should work as expected.