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Annotate PRO and Google Translate

Annotate PRO (AP) makes it easy to create and share simple or complex libraries of reusable comments, then use those beautifully crafted chunks of text to quickly respond to students.

Trial and paid accounts can use Google Translate to automatically translate selected Comments into a chosen language. You can also quickly type a Comment in one language and use AP’s Google Translate integration to ‘flip’ it to another language.

AP has a ‘dual’ mode where the selected or typed Comment is shown in both its original language and a translation.   

The feature is particularly useful for teachers supporting students (and parents!) speaking languages different than the teacher’s own primary one.  Another use case is the support of students in the early stages of learning a new language where a teacher can provide feedback in both the new language and the student’s primary language.

Learn more about our pricing here.

AP sits alongside Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Slides/Sheets, Canvas LMS –  almost any EDU app you might think of. The screenshot at right shows a user composing an email in Gmail and getting ready to use AP to add translated text to the message.

The AP sidebar provides fast access to potentially hundreds of snippets – focused on writing, student engagement & success – even mundane info around school resources and policies.

This screenshot shows an English speaker using AP’s Translate feature to add a Comment in French to a Gmail message. 

Click the image for a larger view.

Using AP’s Google Translate feature is easy. You can flip it on and off from the AP sidebar’s Lightning menu or the Settings option in the AP popup always available from the Chrome Toolbar.

As of June 12, 2020 users interested in AP’s Google Translate feature will want the beta version of AP not the one you’ll get from the Chrome Webstore. Click here to join the beta program.

What can you do with AP and Google Translate?

  • Translate any Comment in your selected Libraries to one of 109 languages. Just enter a ‘from’ Language, a ‘To’ Language and AP will do the rest.
  • Choose to provide dual language feedback. AP will add your selected Comment in your primary language and translate it to your selected language.
  • Type a Free Form Comment into the provided text box and translate text on the fly. These Comments are added to your Feed so you can quickly add them to your Libraries of reusable Comments.
  • Flip Translate on and off with one click, making it easy to use the feature when needed.

Using AP’s Google Translate feature requires a paid account. The basic version of AP is forever-free to all individual educators and, to help us all through the COVID-19 crisis, we’re providing advanced features and content free through the end of 2020 (including Translate). Learn more about our pricing here.

Click any image to get a larger view. Use the arrows to move forward and back.

Join the AP Beta Program!

To gain all the latest features to Annotate PRO (AP) please sign up for our free beta program.
Reminder: AP is free to all individual educators through December 31, 2020!

After signing up visit the AP Beta page for installation instructions and release notes (that is, what’s in the beta?).

Annotate PRO, an add-on for Google Chrome and Microsoft Word, allows me to streamline the [grading] process by creating an archive of comments that I can then drop right into student work or feedback sections. This enables me to easily add frequently used comments (such as the difference between summary and analysis, what constitutes common knowledge, and how to properly format a quotation) to student work regardless of the platform that I’m using...a huge timesaver that allows me to work through a stack of exams or papers (and even respond to emailed questions) surprisingly quickly and easily.

Brady Krien

Grad Hacker Columnist, Inside Higher Ed