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Annotate PRO: Premium Features

Annotate PRO (AP) is a powerful free solution for individual educators.

Our goal is to help you provide feedback faster, more mindfully and to learn from that process – better engaging students and investing your precious time wisely.

    To add premium features or license content from within AP, just click the gear icon in the main menu and

    • Click Purchase (Browser Extension)
    • Click Account & Store (Microsoft Word app)

    The Forever Free version of AP makes it easy to:

    You can choose to license AP as an individual teacher to gain access to premium features including:

    A small sampling of advanced features! Click an image for a larger view.

    We also license content – so you don’t have to start from scratch:

    • College Edition Library: 230+ Comments covering argument, organization, style, MLA, APA, research…it’s basically an academic writing handbook flipped inside out. Of course you can personalize and extend it to suit your needs! Plus build your own content to sit alongside it.
    • Legal Writing Edition Library: Created by Prof. Mitch Nathanson of Villanova Law School, LWE structures the feedback common to first-year legal writing courses.

    Of course AP is designed for sharing!

    What if your institution could create a custom Writing Across the Curriculum Library and share it, automatically, with all faculty? And potentially aggregate the resulting usage data to see where feedback is provided?

    What about templates for responding to online discussions? So that every teacher has a library of exemplar responses to encourage students and provide constructive feedback on interacting with peers?

    Imagine all faculty and staff having one-click access to a School Resources Edition Library that makes it easy for them to engage students with your institution’s best resources: tutoring, writing center, advising, counseling, career services, policy details, wellness. We can even partner with your institution to manage such a content library so you can focus on interacting with students, not managing lists.

    Learn more about our institutional pricing.

    Annotate PRO, an add-on for Google Chrome and Microsoft Word, allows me to streamline the [grading] process by creating an archive of comments that I can then drop right into student work or feedback sections. This enables me to easily add frequently used comments (such as the difference between summary and analysis, what constitutes common knowledge, and how to properly format a quotation) to student work regardless of the platform that I’m using...a huge timesaver that allows me to work through a stack of exams or papers (and even respond to emailed questions) surprisingly quickly and easily.

    Brady Krien

    Grad Hacker Columnist, Inside Higher Ed