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Annotate PRO | Overview

Do you ever feel like you say the same thing over and over again to students?

This isn’t a bad thing; how many times do we ask kids to say “thank you” before they get it?

But why not write many of the comments you provide to students once, with great care, then reuse them? Across the multiple ways you communicate: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Classroom, Blackboard, Canvas, Gmail…

Start with expertly crafted libraries of comments – our College Edition or Legal Writing Edition libraries – that you can easily modify to suit your teaching style and curriculum.

Or move straight to creating custom libraries, shared with your fellow faculty, students, tutors – anyone who needs to provide detailed feedback. Need to update a library? Changes are available, immediately, to 5, 10, or 1,000 faculty using your content.

Then put those comments to use in Blackboard LMS, Brightspace (D2L), Canvas LMS, Google Classroom, Google Docs, Gmail, Microsoft Teams (web version), Microsoft Word (apps and web), Microsoft Outlook (web), Slack (web) or Schoology LMS. Almost anywhere on the web you can type. Of course you’ll get detailed usage data – a heatmap of where you and your colleagues are putting your time when it comes to feedback. The results may surprise you…leading to never-before available insights.



AP is free for individual educators

Create as many Libraries as you’d like, save zillions of clicks with our fantastic toolbar for Canvas, Bb, Moodle, Schoology, Teams, Brightspace, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word…

And if you use Google Docs, Canvas, or Microsoft Word or Blackboard? Our toolbars and optimization to work with these solutions may just make you weep with joy.

In Google Docs and Canvas SpeedGrader Annotate can (optionally) log ALL of the feedback you create, whether you search your libraries or not. In Canvas SpeedGrader the Annotate PRO top toolbar even presents you with the current student’s avatar and a history of feedback provided to them.


Learn more about Annotate PRO for your favorite solutions:



Annotate PRO appears as a Taskpane in Word 2016.

Highlight text in a document, then use full-text search to find the perfect Comment. With one click Annotate PRO creates a comment  bubble and inserts your desired text.

Use the Free Form Comment box to insert a custom comment – skipping the several clicks required by Word.

Annotate PRO appears as a toolbar icon, right-click (context) menu, and optional toolbar (in Google Docs, Canvas, and Blackboard).

To add a comment? With the toolbar showing just highlight text in the document, then click a blue Favorite button or click CTRL-ALT-A to use full-text search to find the right text...

Annotate PRO will create a comment bubble, add the text, and set you up to personalize the comment further.

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Annotate PRO Apps

Why not just try? Our Apps are free and you get a Library with 10 comments you can quickly edit to suit your needs…You can build as much content as you’d like!

When you sign up you’ll get a 14-day trial to our College Edition and Legal Writing Edition Libraries PLUS use of advanced features like sub-Groups, Forms, and Analytics. No credit card required until you decide on a paid subscription. And of course we offer licenses to institutions so you can easily share libraries with colleagues, powering writing across the curriculum, big lab courses, online discussions…

Annotate PRO, an add-on for Google Chrome and Microsoft Word, allows me to streamline the [grading] process by creating an archive of comments that I can then drop right into student work or feedback sections. This enables me to easily add frequently used comments (such as the difference between summary and analysis, what constitutes common knowledge, and how to properly format a quotation) to student work regardless of the platform that I’m using...a huge timesaver that allows me to work through a stack of exams or papers (and even respond to emailed questions) surprisingly quickly and easily.

Brady Krien

Grad Hacker Columnist, Inside Higher Ed

I am a PhD student teaching an undergrad biology lab. I use Microsoft Word to review student lab reports. Annotate PRO has already saved me a lot of time and mental space, freeing me to write more personalized comments for each student.

Carrie Ann Adams

Biology Lab Instructor & PhD Candidate, University of Alberta

What I like best about Annotate is that it allows me to customize the program to reflect my own voice and style. I also love the fact that it allows me to draft quite lengthy comments, all the better to explain complex or multi-step concepts to my students.

Lisa T. McElroy

Professor, Drexel University Earle Mack College of Law

I'm about halfway through a set of papers, and I just LOVE how easy it is to draft a comment on the fly while grading a paper and then to go back to the Annotate PRO Feed after I'm done with the paper and add those comments into my library. I have two more sets of papers to grade over the next week or so, and I'm actually looking forward to it!

Tracy Norton

Associate Professor, Touro College. Jacob D. Fuchsberg School of Law

Available Comment Libraries

Annotate PRO’s goal is to become a repository of expert feedback – across multiple disciplines. We’ve authored some content, and partnered with experts to create more. What could you create? Or in partnership with colleagues at your institution?

Wherever teachers need to give personalized, detailed feedback Annotate PRO can help…

Institutional clients can create and share their own Libraries of comments, to bring consistency and experiential professional development to a writing across the curriculum initiative, for instance.

If you like AP and the idea of educators around the world saving hundreds of clicks and keystrokes by using expert feedback you  authored, consider becoming a Contributing Author.  11trees is actively seeking authors to create Spanish, French, Technical Writing, Algebra, Chemistry Labs and similar expert feedback libraries. 


College Edition - 230+ comments covering core academic writing feedback

Revised and dramatically updated for the 2019 academic year, the College Edition Library (CE) is like a writing handbook flipped inside out: 230+ comments targeting:

  • Argument (including fallacies)
  • Evidence
  • Style (include content, structure, formatting, writing style)
  • Grammar (proofreading, mechanics, parts of speech, syntax, verb use)
  • Documentation and Formatting (APA, MLA, CMS, information literacy)

Many of the comments include links to additional reading. We’ve organized content into sub-groups, taking advantage of a new feature introduced in 2018, to improve discoverability. CE even includes sub-groups labeled “Praise,” so you can always find something positive to say. Catch them doing something right!

Learn more about College Edition

Legal Writing Edition - 300+ comments covering for first-year legal writing

The Legal Writing Edition Library includes 300+ comments  written by Professor Mitchell Nathanson of Villanova Law School to support first-year law school written work. You can customize and extend this library, plus create your own. Institutional clients can potentially share libraries amongst instructors, sharing best practices and creating a more consistent experience for students.

Learn more about Legal Writing Edition

Career Warrior Edition - structure and teach networking skills

The Career Warrior Edition of Annotate PRO (AP) can help you, your students, or your employees become better networkers and career builders.

With content authored by resume and career experts, Let’s Eat, Grandma, and AP tuned to work with LinkedIn, the Career Warrior Edition features dozens of LEG-authored reach-outs, covering cold emails, thank you notes, LinkedIn messages, introductions, and cover letter snippets.

Learn more about Career Warrior Edition

Motivation Station Edition - powerful quotes on writing and success

The Motivation Station Edition Library is forever free and contains more than 30 quotes about writing and success.  So if you’re looking for an encouraging word for a student or a pithy comment about writing? Add the free Motivation Station Edition to your account and quickly find a good one.

Learn more about Motivation Station Edition