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Annotate PRO for Word 2016 – automatic comment bubbles!

Every half second counts.

While Microsoft Word is a fantastic, classic solution for editing documents, it (perversely) resists speed and efficiency for users when it comes to keyboard shortcuts and speeding repetitive tasks.

Sure, you can add commands to the “Quick Access Toolbar” and maybe use a keyboard shortcut to get to your command (not on a Mac!).

Comment bubbles are a particularly high use command for those of us who review and edit documents.

So 11trees is really happy to announce automatic creation of Word comment bubbles.

Yes! Search or choose a comment from your Annotate PRO Comment Library and – BOOM! – a comment bubble magically appears.


Annotate PRO even formats URLs to make them clickable.

You can flip the Comment toggle visible in the above screenshot to Inline to add comments to the body of the text.

Best of all, you can type free form comments into the big friendly space visible in the screenshot, then click Add, to put a custom comment bubble into a document.

Major improvement over Word’s native capability.

What will you do with those extra 25,000 split seconds you’ll save over the next 6 months?