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Posted by on Apr 27, 2017 in Roadmap

Annotate PRO: Roadmap and May – July 2017 Goals

Alright! You’ve found this cool tool, Annotate PRO, and you get what it’s trying to accomplish: fast access to a library of comments you can quickly use to provide personalized, detailed feedback.

And there’s a lot to like.

But what about…

  • Can I please SORT my own Comments, please?
  • Can I add new CATEGORIES of Comments please?
  • Can I please add NEW Comments, not just use the ‘slots’ you provide?

Believe me, we get it. But at the risk of grandiosity verging on insanity, we’d like to remind everyone that the first iPhone shipped without Copy/Paste capability or 3G cellular connection speeds.

Rule 1: Ship product (that works) and learn from real customers.

Rule 2: Iterate your A$$ off…:)

Here’s what we’ve accomplished with Annotate PRO in 2 months:

  • Microsoft Word 2016 Add-in approved and available in the Office Store.
  • Google Chrome Extension brought to parity with the new Word 2016 Add-in, particularly full-text Search.
  • Integrated Google Translate for easy translation of comments (either direct translation or ‘dual,’ meaning the original language plus a translation is provided.
  • Optimized Annotate PRO for Google Chrome for Google Docs, Dropbox commenting, Box Viewer, Crocodoc commenting (for Blackboard and Canvas users, especially).
  • Continued to improve the ‘plumbing’ to make saving and updating faster.

Here’s what’s up next (in no particular order):

  • Making the sign-in process for Chrome users match Microsoft Word, to make it easier to use your Annotate PRO library across Microsoft Office and websites.
  • Publishing Annotate PRO to the iOS App Store for Microsoft Word 2016  (on iPad) users.
  • Adding the ability to create new comments and sort them (yes!).
  • Simplifying the process to provide clients with custom libraries of comments.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our future…please use the big button below to complete a quick survey and get on our list of beta testers and trusted reviewers…we may even have your portrait painted and hang you in our ‘hall of heroes’ – reserved for the wonderful users who invest time and energy helping us get better.