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Annotate PRO Poster Session at NEWCA 2019!

11trees is proud to be featured in the poster session “Using Annotate PRO to Support Effective Asynchronous Online Tutoring”  at the 2019 Northeast Writing Centers Association.

Dr. Janet Zepernick and Lora Winters, of the Pittsburg State University Writing Center, will discuss their early results using Annotate PRO to “scaffold [writing] consultants’…feedback skills.”

Using Annotate PRO Libraries developed by Pittsburg State, Writing Center consultants can quickly search for appropriate comments covering basic grammar, style, formatting and similar.

As importantly, the Writing Center gains invaluable data on where students need help.

Because Annotate PRO is a cloud solution easily used with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canvas SpeedGrader, Blackboard document markup – almost anywhere you might want to leave feedback – the Writing Center can continually tweak and improve content.

We are excited about Pittsburg State’s early work with Annotate PRO and eager to partner with more Writing Centers to help guide and structure (particularly) peer tutoring efforts.

Full description:

This workshop will demonstrate the use of the online feedback platform, AnnotatePro, to scaffold consultants’ developing feedback skills, improve the overall quality of feedback given on the most predictable issues encountered across specific assignment types, and reduce the time required to give effective feedback on predictable issues in order to give consultants more time to respond thoughtfully and engagingly to clients’ central ideas.