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Posted by on Oct 6, 2017 in Roadmap

Annotate PRO: Retrospective & October – November 2017 Goals

We wrote candidly about our Annotate PRO plans for May – July 2017 and then again for August – September 2017. We included some reflection – there’s nothing like writing down your goals and then going back to see how crazy your were.

We can’t all be Jim Carrey (who wrote himself a $10m check dated in the future to visualize his success, then received a massive payday just in time to make the visualization real) and nail our goals.

Besides, ‘just’ money is a bit of an empty goal, don’t you think? I don’t know if Oprah got into that aspect of it…

We spent August and half of September building the features necessary to create and share new Libraries, new Groups, and new Comments. It’s taken way longer than we would have wanted, and we still don’t have sorting of Groups/Comments – or a way to get paid by individuals!

But we feel good about results! And we’re seeing tons of creation happening with users.

We underestimated the complexity of moving all the existing Annotate data to the new structure, plus supporting existing clients and squashing the inevitable bugs. We’ve learned a lot more about the guts of Microsoft Word, learned how to pop big ‘dialog’ windows to make the editing experience inside Word happier.

And we certainly painted ourselves into a few corners that took WAY longer to get out of than we’d have thought.

The tough thing about building great new features is that you have to create new support materials – videos, screenshot walkthroughs, onboarding materials.

So we’ve been heads down sorting that out in the second half of September and first part of October.

Next up?

  • Sorting of Groups and Comments (yes! the plumbing is all there…)
  • Payment flow for individual subscribers (Annotate PRO remains completely free until we sort this out – enjoy!)

And after that? Well, then you’ll get to see our long game and the innovations that will bring deep accountability and learning to the feedback process. We’d also like to make use of our fantastic new authoring and sharing architecture to create a few more Libraries. We’re thinking Presentation Skills and perhaps a dedicated MLA or APA Library to compliment the general content in the College Edition Library.

Stay tuned!