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Mobile Devices

Annotate PRO (AP) doesn’t yet offer a dedicated mobile app…but AP works beautifully on your phone or tablet…

The web app will place your selected Comment into your device’s clipboard – so you can paste the comment anywhere you like: a text message, an email, a Canvas discussion forum accessed via the Canvas mobile app etc.

Yes, this requires some tapping and swiping – but the resulting beautifully articulate text, pasted where you want it? Well worth it in many cases.

And on an iPad and other devices you can use split-screen to keep AP open on the left, and your favorite app running on the right, speeding up your use.

To use AP on your phone, simply visit and Log In with your regular credentials. 

Click the ‘hamburger’ menu at the top right of the resulting page, and choose Search. You can bookmark this page and you won’t have to log back in…we keep this page open in our mobile all the time – we have a Library of all the typical questions we receive so we can quickly respond using our favorite email program…

Once you get to Search you’ll see the familiar Select an active Library or Libraries prompt with your last selection(s) pre-loaded.

You can use the search area to type in a few letters of your desired Comment, or the green drop downs to scroll through your Groups, or a blue Favorite you’ve created.

The screenshot at right has one Library selected…but you could choose multiple Libraries.


Once you make a selection you’ll get a preview of the Comment’s text.

Click the green Copy button to copy the Comment to your clipboard.

Then flip through your apps looking for the place you’d like to put the text…then use your device’s native paste function to add the Comment. 


Of course you can use the web app on larger devices – great for colleague who don’t want to start out with our Chrome Extension or Word app but need access to a curated list of great feedback and resources. 

For instance, you could load up a library of resources at your university, then all faculty could use AP to quickly find counseling resources, writing center, tutoring etc. 

The web app is a place where our Google Translate integration can be particularly powerful – helping you quickly translate key phrases into one of 60+ languages.

Finally, if you are an iPad user and like Microsoft Word, you can join our beta program for using Annotate PRO with Microsoft Word for iPad – great for providing feedback and edits on Word documents on your iPad while enjoying pen or finger highlighting and marking.