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Posted by in FAQ: Annotate for Word (2016+)

Annotate PRO doesn’t seem to play well with Track Changes. What gives?

Depending on how you set up Track Changes in Microsoft Word 2016, you may be annoyed to see extra comment bubbles after using Annotate PRO to comment. For instance, in the example below I have a “Deleted: want a lot of track” bubble. This is because, in order to do its magic and insert a comment with a single click, Annotate PRO actually cuts the selected text out of the document, then pastes it back with the new comment attached.

You have a number of options to fix this.

  1. Instead of highlighting a selection of words, just insert a comment at a particular cursor location.
  2. Or, if you really want to highlight text, flip Annotate PRO to Inline comments (flip the toggle switch at the top of the Insert taskpane), make sure Word’s Markup Options (see screenshot below) is set to “Show Revisions in Balloons” or “Show Only Comments and Formatting in Balloons,” and then add a Word comment bubble the old way (‘New Comment’). With the cursor blinking in the new comment bubble use AP to insert a comment at the cursor location in the comment bubble.You can add comment bubbles to Word using the following keyboard shortcuts:
    1. Windows: Ctrl+Alt+M
    2. MacOS: ⌘+Option+A
  3. Adjust your Track Changes settings to either NOT show “Insertions and Deletions” or to “Show Only Comments and Formatting in Balloons.”