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Posted by on Dec 13, 2017 in FAQ: Annotate for Word (2016+)

Annotate messes up formatting on bulleted/numbered lists?

You may notice that sometimes Annotate PRO for Word 2016 incorrectly formats bulleted/numbered text.

So if you were to highlight text, as in Figure 1 below, then use Annotate to insert a comment, you might end up with Figure 2.

        Figure 1

             Figure 2

This is because, to do its magic and automatically insert a comment when you click a single button (an Annotate favorite, for instance), our code has to copy your selected text, then bundle it with the comment, then insert the whole thing back into the Word document.

When Annotate re-inserts your selected text the Word document doesn’t know that it was part of a larger bulleted list…and so restarts numbering.

Sigh. Once Microsoft improve the comment ‘object’ for developers like 11trees this will get better.

Luckily there are two easy workarounds:

First up: instead of highlighting the entire row or a word in the row, just insert a comment at a particular cursor location. Then the numbering/bullets will be unchanged. See Figure 3.

Figure 3

Or, if you really want to highlight text, flip Annotate PRO to Inline comments (flip the toggle switch at the top of the Insert taskpane), add a Word comment bubble the old way (‘New Comment’), and then use Annotate to insert a comment at the cursor location in the comment bubble. See Figure 4.

Figure 4