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About 11trees began life, in 2008, simply trying to put a dent in the mountain of paper (and time) that a year’s worth of writing, grading, and commenting creates.

The average teacher collects over 11 trees-worth of paper from their students in a single year: by asking students to write essays, by creating handouts and quizzes, through printing syllabi etc. (This is based on a ream of paper requiring 6% of a ‘standard’ tree and calculating out the numbers of pages generated by an average class etc.).

We created Annotate for Word (back then just for Windows) to help writing teachers more quickly manage grading and returning documents to students. So they could collect documents electronically, comment, and return.

We’ve focused on writing ever since, introducing a Legal Writing Edition of Annotate and the free Writers’ Toolkit for Word, which can replace an $80 writing handbook while giving students faster access to help on grammar, syntax, style, and formatting. We’ve broadened our solutions to cover Mac OSX – crucial in today’s world (have you used Windows 8? And here comes Windows 10…what happened to 9?).

Thousands of teachers and students around the world use our solutions to work more efficiently. We like to think we’re helping them make a bigger impact through better writing, whether for school assignments or feedback for another writer.

At the end of 2015 we put our Annotate for Microsoft Word product on hiatus, supporting current customers but not selling new versions. We were focused on building our solutions to work in the Google Chrome ecosystem – so that annotation can happen on any website, particularly Google Docs.

We’ve succeeded. And with the launch of Annotate for Google Chrome, at SXSWedu in March 2016, we’ll be charting a course for cloud-based, interoperable solutions.

Don’t worry Microsoft Word lovers…we’ll be back…stronger than ever. Just give us a few months.

We’ll also be porting our Writers’ Toolkit to Google Chrome and refreshing the Word versions.