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How do you want to help your students?

Create better feedback to engage students…

Annotate PRO: Expert Feedback

Supercharge the single most impactful tactic teachers have to impact students success: feedback.

Create more personalized feedback – faster in Canvas SpeedGrader, Google Classroom, Google Docs, GmailSchoology, D2L, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook (web)Blackboard, and more. 

  • Use our expertly crafted College Edition Library of 230+ snippets of pre-written feedback covering academic writing: MLA, APA, commas, counterargument, paraphrasing, fallacies…
  • Create and share Libraries of Comments to scale the best feedback across teams of teachers.
  • Review analytics to understand the focus of your feedback and easily promote one-off Comments to be reusable.

Transform Canvas LMS course data into action…

Canopy: Actionable Wisdom

Transform Canvas LMS course data to inform and improve engagement.

Turn raw Canvas LMS course data into actionable, interactive tables and visualizations. Reply to student posts from one, central experience and save thousands of clicks. Grade discussions and reply to a public discussion in one step.

  • Email or Canvas Message subsets of students: students with course averages below a certain value, students who are doing a great job in Discussions.
  • See which students have replied TO you in Discussions but to whom you haven’t yet responded.
  • Use Canopy’s Influencer Score to identify and encourage students who are making online Discussions a vibrant destination.

Annotate PRO:

Create, share and use libraries of expert feedback and content to engage students and scale course development. Use across Canvas SpeedGraderGoogle ClassroomGoogle DocsGmailSchoologyD2LMicrosoft Teams (web)Microsoft WordMicrosoft Outlook (web)Blackboard


Transform Canvas LMS data into an instructor-centric experience. Understand, in a glance, where you should invest your precious time to engage students. Who has replied TO you? Who is actively moving the discussion forward? Who needs a nudge to write in more detail? Grade discussions and respond publicly in one click.

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