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11trees Annotate PRO Available for Microsoft Word And Your Favorite LMS

11trees Announces the all-new Annotate PRO – Helping Teachers And Institutions Scale Personalized, Mindful Feedback To Engage Learners


AUSTIN, Texas – 9 October, 2017 – 11trees, a startup focused on bringing effective and  efficient solutions to the challenges of writing instruction, today announced all-new versions of their beloved Annotate PRO apps for Microsoft Word and Google Chrome.

Annotate PRO helps teachers provide written feedback to learners by making it easy to create and use libraries of comments. These libraries of mindfully and articulately written feedback can be quickly accessed inside Microsoft Word or while using any webpage, then used to create an engaging dialog with learners.

“Great teachers have key phrases they use over and over again, “ 11trees’ founder Andrew McCann said. “Annotate PRO makes it easy to create lists of these nuggets, then quickly search them while using the platforms instructors already love: Google Docs, Canvas, Microsoft Word, Dropbox.”

Individual instructors can create their own libraries and use them across Microsoft Word and Google Chrome or license a growing list of content from 11trees. Institutional clients can create and share libraries across all faculty and students with just a click or two.

“We recognized early on that great technology isn’t enough in education. You can’t give teachers empty containers, no matter how fantastic the technology, that they have to fill. So we prime the pump with our College Edition writing feedback library that brings 100+ frequently used comments inside Word or Google Docs” McCann continued. “Instructors can easily tweak this content to suit their needs or extend it in new directions.”

Dr. David Croteau, Professor of New Testament & Greek at Columbia International University and longtime Annotate PRO user describe’s the tool’s impac this way: “I absolutely love using Annotate PRO when I grade. My students get much more and much better feedback. They are amazed at the value of the comments that are crafted into my feedback. And once I have my comments set up, the time it takes to grade is much less, sometimes cut by over 50%!”

Schools can collaborate to create libraries tied to writing across the curriculum initiatives, business communication courses, presentation skills – wherever the goal is personalized feedback on learning – then share the libraries across programs. “Used well, Annotate PRO can be a fantastic onboarding tool for new faculty while helping to bring consistency to the student experience across multiple courses” McCann commented. “Annotate PRO can power writing centers, tutoring – helping improve feedback while saving time across the institution.”

Annotate PRO users already include individual faculty, a number of universities and law schools, and tutoring companies focused on the student experience.


Interested faculty can download and install the Annotate PRO apps for Microsoft Word 2016 and Google Chrome from Every teacher enjoys a 30-day free trial of all features and a basic, 30-comment library is forever free. Individual teacher licenses start at $24/year while schools can license Annotate PRO beginning at just $395 per year. Along with the College Edition Library, 11trees offers the Legal Writing Edition Library. 


Founded in 2010, 11trees is building solutions to help learners construct knowledge and to facilitate the dialog between teacher and student. Along with Annotate PRO, 11trees has developed Q for Success, a solution customized for an institution’s library resources that helps students learn and practice academic research and writing. The company is also working on English curriculum, leveraging their own tools, to teach agile software development skills alongside writing and communication.

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