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How do you want to help your students?

Engage students with personalized, specific feedback – faster…

Annotate PRO: Expert Feedback

Supercharge the single most impactful tactic teachers have to impact students success: feedback.

Create more personalized feedback – faster inCanvas SpeedGrader, Google Classroom, Google Docs, GmailSchoology, D2L, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook (web)Blackboard, and more

  • Use 11trees’ free or premium libraries of expert feedback, like the College Edition Library, Discussion Moderator Edition, or School Resources Edition, to engage students more deeply and effectively.
  • Create and share your own libraries of expert feedback to scale detailed, timely, consistent feedback across teams of teachers or your entire institution.
  • Review analytics to understand the focus of your feedback and easily harvest one-off, custom comments for reuse.

Increase instructor presence in online discussions…

Canopy: Actionable Wisdom

Transform Canvas LMS course data to inform and improve engagement.

Turn raw Canvas LMS course data into actionable, interactive tables and visualizations. Reply to student posts from a centralize experience and save thousands of clicks. Grade discussions and reply to public discussion in one step.

  • View activity across multiple courses at one time, helping instructors decide where to invest their precious time.
  • View student posts in a compact, gradebook-like layout to quickly sample and reply across multiple discussion topics.
  • Identify and encourage students who are making online discussions vibrant.
  • Understand discussion health through customizable algorithms so you can deepen engagement and understand what positively impacts student behavior.

Annotate PRO:

Create, share and use libraries of expert feedback and content to engage students and scale course development. Use across Canvas SpeedGraderGoogle ClassroomGoogle DocsGmailSchoologyD2LMicrosoft Teams (web)Microsoft WordMicrosoft Outlook (web)Blackboard


Transform Canvas LMS data into an instructor-centric experience. Understand, in a glance, where you should invest your precious time to engage students. Who has replied TO you? Who is actively moving the discussion forward? Who needs a nudge to write in more detail? Grade discussions and respond publicly in one click.

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