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  • If you're using Canvas SpeedGrader or Microsoft Word you can choose from the Recipient drop down to filter by the owner of the document you commented on.
  • You'll see 50 comments at a time; page forward to scroll through your entire history. More search options coming!
  • Forever-Free users can access their last seven (7) days of feedback. Although, as you use Annotate PRO, your feedback is captured so whenever you do license our software you'll gain immediate access to your vast history!
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Hey there! If you or your school licenses AP you'll see a chronological list of all the feedback you've created right here...
You can filter by recipient/student, by date, drill down into aggregate data (pie charts OR data tables).

Imagine student conferences or writing recommendation letters or determining final grades with a complete history at your finger tips...

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You can format your comments in AP to include bolding, underlining, bullets etc. but they will only appear if the destination platform supports such formatting. Microsoft Word, Canvas SpeedGrader, and Google Docs comments support varying levels of formatting. Click here to learn more.