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An Annotate PRO subscription is distinct from (optional) Library licenses. So we break things down into your Annotate PRO license and then any Libraries you have licensed from 11trees.

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Microsoft Word Options:
Choose whether your comments appear as comment bubbles or in the body of a document.
Choose whether AP saves document author info AND Free Form comments to your account. Great feature for creating histories of feedback and improving student-teacher conferences. If OFF AP will only save basic usage data - which Comments you have used.
Google Docs Options:
Define whether a Comment you add to a Google Doc is automatically posted OR set up for you to edit further. Choosing One-click means your selected Comment will be added and saved, removing clicks for you. Of course you can always edit such a Comment.
General Chrome Options:

Choose whether to automatically save comments created manually in Google Docs, Canvas SpeedGrader, and other solutions. With History ON free form comments will be saved to your "Feed" along with recipient, course, and assignment data. This feature may be defined by your AP account administrator. If OFF AP will save only basic usage data - numbers of times specific Comments are used - without any additional contextual data.
Choose whether AP's toolbars appear when using Google Docs, Canvas SpeedGrader, Blackboard, Schoology and other solutions.
Choose whether to search both labels AND the full text of your Comments OR just the labels. Useful if your Libraries are large and you like using shorthand/codes in Comment labels.
With the AP Toolbar ON choose whether to display the search box on the right, the top, or neither. Remember, you can always ALT-A to pop open AP on any web page.
With History toggled ON choose whether to display the current student's history in the AP toolbars.

Purchase Options:

Users at site license institutions can share Comment Libraries informally. Visit the Activate Libraries popup to see what Libraries might have been shared by your colleagues.

Payments are handled by Stripe and 11trees never sees or stores your credit card information. Stripe is used by over 100,000 businesses worldwide including Target, Warby Parker and Under Armour.

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