If you teach online, have you ever felt one or more of the following to be true about asynchronous discussions? 

  • Student responses are formulaic.
  • Posts often don’t receive any response.
  • Threads rarely go more than one level deep.
  • Threaded discussions scroll on and on, endlessley
  • It’s hard to know where to invest your most precious resource: time

To improve online discussions, 11trees today launches Canopy, for Canvas LMS, as a free beta. The first 500 users to register, through a secure process that takes 3 minutes or less, get Canopy for free through January 31, 2024.

Canopy Discussion Overview
Canopy doesn’t replace Canvas discussion boards; it transforms them to help you escape the “endless scroll” and identify where you can make the most impact. In the screenshot above, we see the Canopy spreadsheet-like view of all discussion activity. Clicking the “2” shows the full text of two replies TO you from Susan B. Anthony to which you haven’t yet replied.

Click Reply to compose a response that can go straight into the Canvas Discussion or secure Canvas messaging. In the example above, we are responding to Ring Lardner and can see both the original discussion topic and the post to which Ring was commenting. Canopy even personalizes the reply by adding “Dear Ring” automatically.

With Canopy you can drill down to one specific Discussion Topic, sort and filter students to send quick notes of encouragement or follow-ups, view analytics on student contributions and discussion health, and even use Annotate PRO to quickly add saved comments to your replies!

Click Get Started below to jump to our support pages and learn about securely connecting Canopy to your Canvas instance. Or visit how-to articles to explore Canopy before signing up. In return, we ask that you provide feedback on your experience and share your ideas on how to make online discussions more engaging and vibrant.

Canopy FAQ

  • Is Canopy secure? What data do you store?
    • Canopy connects to Canvas through a secure Canvas Token and stores only the name and email of the user signing up for the service. Canopy does not store any student names, email addresses, grades, or discussion posts.
  • What if I don’t use Canvas?
    • We’d deeply appreciate hearing your first impressions of our approach and if you’d like to see us bring it to the LMS you do use. Plus, you’ve probably got friends who teach with Canvas and you could forward our email if you see promise in our approach.
  • What happens after the beta?
    • Instructors who sign up in October 2023 will keep full instructor access to Canopy through January 31, 2024. After January 31, 2024, you can elect to keep using a powerful free version of Canopy, or subscribe to Canopy+ to keep advanced features like messaging students through the Canvas inbox.
  • Do you offer institutional subscriptions?
    • Of course! Your institution can elect to connect Canopy to Canvas, eliminating the need for manually entered Tokens. Check out our pricing page for details.