Greetings from the 11trees team!

We are writing to say thank you. To the thousands of educators who found 11trees in 2021, the schools that licensed our software for broad use, and the feedback we received to make our solutions better.

We hope you and yours are enjoying a safe and happy holiday season and are looking forward to a bright 2022.

As a company, our mission is to help educators scale 1:1 learning. We hope Annotate PRO (AP) and Canopy help you personalize and deepen interactions with students – and do it more quickly.

With that mission as our North Star, here are the ways we evolved our solutions in 2021:

­AP’s College Edition got better.

Great edtech software doesn’t help if you have to spend hours setting it up. AP has always been a publishing platform for expert feedback along with a way for educators to create their own content. In advance of the 2021-2022 academic year, we refreshed the 230+ comment College Edition library and updated links to the 11guide, our free online handbook with fantastic search and zero advertising.

Most comments in the College Edition include a short explanation and a link to further reading. One of our favorite examples is our counterargument comment. It’s a crucial skill for any academic writer but who has time to explain it to every student who needs the feedback?

AP now has a free Discussion Moderator Edition library.

We created new libraries, including the forever-free Discussion Moderator Edition, that helps instructors quickly respond to online discussions while leveraging the best strategies for instructor presence. Need a constructive way to encourage civil discourse? Request research to back up claims? Efficiently state your expectations for discussion posts? DME has you covered whether you’re using Canvas, Bb, D2L, Moodle or another LMS’ discussion boards. Use and extend DME as-is, or view it as a starting point for your school to document best practices for 10, 100, or 1,000 instructors.

Introducing the AP Presentation Skills Edition library.

The Presentation Skills Edition library of 270+ expert comments, launching now with a 3-month free trial, covers everything from body language to eye contact to slide design to presenting via Zoom. For the first time, instructors can provide detailed feedback at the speed of a live presentation.

These libraries, backed by research and 11trees’ decades of teaching experience, provide hundreds of carefully crafted, specific feedback comments that you can quickly add to Google Docs, Canvas Speedgrader, Word documents, online discussion responses – almost anywhere you can type.

AP’s toolbars got better.

We streamlined the toolbars in AP, both the Chrome Extension and our Microsoft Word app, providing faster access to Google Translate and a better experience for adding free form comments that automatically add to your comment feed so you can efficiently curate them into AP libraries.

Canopy streamlines Canvas discussion responses.

We improved Canopy, the actionable analytics and engagement solution for Canvas LMS, to make it easy to reply to discussion posts publicly and specify a grade at the same time.

Looking to 2022…

We’re excited to continue to improve AP, particularly by improving library sharing and management capabilities and extending our Forms feature to support radio buttons and checklists.

We hope to reimagine the Canopy user experience before the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, adding features that help you engage students in Canvas in brand new ways.

Finally, to reflect our mission and plans for the future, we’re rebranding 11trees – sneak peek below!

Students aren’t the only ones that benefit from feedback and engagement. Whether you are a free user, paid individual user or use our solutions through an institutional license, we appreciate your support and feedback and look forward to hearing from you in 2022.

From Texas, Costa Rica, and Norway our team raises a virtual mug of eggnog to you, our users. Cheers!

Founder and CEO

11trees new logo – sneak peek!

The ‘11’ in 11trees has always been about 1:1 learning. In 2022 we’ll be rolling out new branding for 11trees and our solutions. Our main logo emphasizes the roots of the tree, reflecting the interdependence of forests. Diversity is a forest’s strength. Older trees communicate to younger trees to help them fight disease. Different types of trees contribute in their own ways. Often the taller trees benefit from shorter, younger trees. Growth takes time. Everything is connected.