How to Restart the AP Chrome Extension

Like most things computer related a quick restart is the fix to 95% of problems you’ll run across. If something isn’t working quite right we’re here to help. But before you contact us please try the following:  

  1. Close and re-open your web browser. 
  2. If it’s still not working right we can reset the extension by turning it off and back on. It’s really easy to do! 

How to Turn AP Off and On

1. Open the Extensions menu in Chrome. To do this click on the three vertical dots at the top right of Chrome. Hover over “More Tools” and click on “Manage Extensions”.

2. Once you have the extensions page open just click the blue toggle switch underneath Annotate PRO off and back on again. 

Turn it off (switch turns grey).

Turn it back on (switch turns blue).

If after doing this things still aren’t working right, contact us and we will help you out!