How to Delete Annotate PRO Content

At present, Annotate PRO does not have true “Delete” function for content. We’re working on it! It’s tricky because of AP’s ability to share content, any delete feature must protect other users of the content. We currently have a workaround that makes it appear as if the content has disappeared: the Active/Inactive toggle. This is illustrated with a comment, but the same steps apply if you want to hide a Sub-Group, Group, or an entire Library. 

Step 1: Locate the Content You Want to Hide

You can find the content by following the support instructions for editing content

Step 2: Toggle to Inactive

Step 3: Hide Inactive Content

At the very top right of the page, there is a toggle to show or hide content that you’ve set to Inactive. Setting it to hide will make it appear that Inactive content has been deleted. If you need to go back and find something you accidentally set to Inactive, toggle this switch to show Inactive and you can see the content again.