How to Install Annotate PRO on Microsoft Edge

As of January 2020, Microsoft Edge now supports running Chrome Extensions. As a result Annotate PRO can run on Microsoft Edge. Like Microsoft, we consider this new ground and haven’t done much beyond basic validation ourselves. You can uninstall AP from Edge in seconds, so it’s probably worth trying if you prefer to use Edge over Chrome.

Installing it is similar to on Chrome, just with a couple of extra steps to allow Edge to run a Chrome extension. 

Enable Chrome Extensions in Edge

First, (if you’ve not already done so) enable Extensions for Edge by clicking on the three horizontal dots at the top right and select “Extensions.”

This will create a pop-up at the top right which will allow you to manage the extension settings. Alternatively, you can get to the extension settings by typing edge://extensions in the URL bar.

Click on the “Manage extension” option at the bottom of the pop-up.


Once you have the Extensions page open, the left side of the page will have a few options. The last option is a toggle switch that says “Allow extensions from other sources.” Toggle this on. 

Click “Accept” on the pop-up. 

Once you’ve allowed Edge to install extensions from the Chrome store you install AP just like you would on Chrome.