Annotate PRO FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Annotate PRO below or contact us if you need help. Definitions of terms used can be found in the Glossary

How do I install Annotate PRO?

You can find instructions for installing Annotate PRO in its different supported locations for: 

How do I edit my content?

You can edit all of your AP content via the web editor. This support article has specific steps for editing your content. 

What is the web app?

AP’s web app is the core Annotate PRO application. The extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Word all interface with the web app. The web app can be accessed from any browser or device. This allows you to access your AP content even on devices that you haven’t installed the extension on. 

How is content organized?

AP uses a simple hierarchy to organize content. In order content is organized in the following manner:

  • Library
    • Group
      • Sub-group (optional)
        • Comment

Libraries are meant to contain broadly thematic content. For example, the College Edition Library has content related to writing skills. Within the Library, content is organized into topics (groups) like Grammar, Argument, Formatting, etc. Sub-Groups are optionally available to further organize content; for example, the Formatting Group had Sub-Groups for MLA, APA, and CMS style guides. Finally Comments are where your actual content lives.

Can I share my content with colleagues?

Sharing is only available for Institutions. Guidance on how to share content can be found here

What is an "extensible" Library?

Libraries shared with others can optionally be set to be extensible. This allows recipients of the Library to alters its content for their personal use. Their changes will only be saved to their copy of the Library and will not affect the source Library or copies shared with others. 

How much does Annotate PRO cost?

11trees is committed to providing a robust, free version of Annotate PRO to all individual educators (with the exception of those teaching at for-profit institutions). Institutions and individuals can access additional features by licensing AP. For individuals the cost is less than a cup of coffee each month! Pricing for both institutions and individuals can be found here

Can I import content from other sources?

Yes! You can import content into AP using a .csv file. AP also supports importing Turnitin QuickMark™ Sets. Check out our support article for exact steps on how to import your content.