Annotate PRO: College Edition Library

The College Edition Library (CE) is like a writing handbook flipped inside out so you can quickly create targeted, personalized feedback for your students on core academic writing issues.

The 2023 revision of CE features 250 comments targeting:

  • Argument (including fallacies)
  • Evidence
  • Style (include content, structure, formatting, writing style)
  • Grammar (proofreading, mechanics, parts of speech, syntax, verb use)
  • Documentation and Formatting (APA, MLA, CMS, information literacy)
  • Checklists that give you a variety of options to give specific and varied feedback. 

Many of the comments include links to additional reading from our own 11guide or other academic sources. Content is organized into sub-groups to improve discoverability. CE even includes sub-groups labeled “Praise,” so you can always find something positive to say. Catch them doing something right!

You use this library of comments wherever you are creating feedback for students. Microsoft Word. Google Docs. Gmail. Schoolology. Canvas. You can extend the core Library and modify the stock comments to suit your own style and teaching. CE will supercharge your feedback and leave your students wondering how you were possibly able to give them such personalized, detailed feedback.

You’ll even get analytics on your feedback – are you spending too much time on mechanics and lower level issues?

The screenshots above show the College Edition used with Google Docs and Canvas SpeedGrader via Annotate PRO’s sidebar. AP features full-text search of the Library (plus whatever content you add) and right-click access – multiple ways to save you clicks and time.

The same basic experience and content works across Microsoft Word, Blackboard, Schoology – almost anywhere you might be providing feedback.