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How much time do your teachers, tutors, or even students spend providing feedback to each other?

How hard is it to inspire consistency and high standards to this feedback?

How valuable would it be to help your impassioned educators created 2x better feedback in 1/3 the time?

Annotate PRO is a library of comments that students, tutors, or teachers  can use to more efficiently and mindfully create feedback. We provide apps for Microsoft Word and Google Chrome to ensure you always have access to this library – whether commenting on a student’s paper, a Google Slides presentation, writing an email in Gmail, or posting discussion board responses in Canvas.

Individual teacher often tell us that, vs. traditional methods, they spend one third the time and get two times the benefit  – in the form of students expressing gratitude for detailed feedback and improving their work as a result.

Individuals can license Annotate PRO, and we provide College Edition and Legal Writing Edition libraries to help jump-start better feedback. Even more impactfully, we can partner with you to develop custom comment libraries automatically shared with your teachers, tutors, TAs, students – whoever you specify.


Implementing Annotate PRO…

Working with you, or on your behalf, we can create a custom Comment Library (or multiple libraries) for Annotate PRO and publish it to 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 users. Within a week of deployment…

  • Hundreds (thousands!) of your teachers and students will have taken the ten seconds necessary to install Annotate into their Chrome browser and/or Microsoft Word 2016 programs.
  • Everyone will be using consistent language, easily customized for each audience, to respond to all sorts of work – essays, blogs, projects.
  • You will have subtly influenced feedback, helping deepen the learning dialog and helping students learn-by-doing.
  • Peer review will become a completely new experience, with student writers learning the language of response by using articulate language to describe each others’ work.



Usage Scenarios:

Writing Across the Curriculum:

To support a writing across the curriculum effort, you work with 11trees to define a library, or libraries, to help discipline teachers provide useful feedback on writing.

This guidance includes not line editing student work for grammar issues, in recognition of where precious time should be spent.


You have invested in your students to create a peer tutoring program. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give them a tool to help speed their transition to confident reviewers of written work?

Professional Development:

As part of an ongoing professional development initiative to help new and veteran teachers best focus their precious time, your institution develops one or more custom libraries dedicated to guiding teacher feedback.

We intend Annotate PRO to provide a huge return on investment for schools. A ten-second installation provides students and teachers with fast, articulate feedback opportunities to dramatically improve grading, peer review, and self-assessment.

We do provide volume discounts for schools of over 4,000 students, and we will happily count enrollments in specific grades (so pricing isn’t based on your total enrollment, only the grades to which you will make Annotate available).


  • College Edition library included
  • Easy editing by all users
  • Up to 100 users ($5/year/teacher thereafter)
  • Custom Libraries
  •  Student accounts
  •  Writers’ Toolkit (coming summer 2017)


Starting from...
  • College Edition library included
  • Easy editing by all users
  •  $0.45 per user per year
  • Multiple Custom Libraries
  • Student accounts
  • Writers’ Toolkit (coming summer 2017)