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Posted by on Mar 20, 2017

Create or License a New Library – Microsoft Word 2016

Annotate PRO is free. You get one Library, with up to thirty Comments spread across up to three Groups – all of which you can edit to suit your needs.

Any of these comments can be quickly added to a Word document through a lightning fast full-text search capability. You don’t have to remember button labels or arcane editing symbols. Learn about using Search, Favorites, Free Form Comments, and drop down menus to add Comments to a Word document

But how do you create new Libraries and, potentially, share them with colleagues? What options do you have?

    With a paid Annotate PRO account you can create unlimited libraries of your own and also choose to license and activate additional feedback libraries provided by 11trees and partner organizations. We currently offer:

    • College Edition Library
      • includes over 100+ pre-written comments grouped by Argument, Evidence, Organization, Writing Style, and Grammar/Mechanics. Detailed comments on MLA and APA citation styles are included. Customize and extend to suit your needs!
    • Legal Writing Edition Library
    • Useful Quotations Library
      • This is just a fun one to show off alternative uses for Annotate, share some inspirational quotes, and demonstrate how easy it is to share – over 45 inspirational quotes from writers, artists, and assorted weirdos that you can quickly search and add to student feedback.

    We are working on Presentation Skills, Business Communication, and Technical Writing Libraries next. If you have an idea for a Library that might be useful to educators around the world, please contact us!

    If your institution or organization licenses Annotate PRO we can set up formal and informal sharing for you and your colleagues.

    • Formal Sharing:
      • Annotate PRO administrators at your organization can specific one or more libraries to be available, automatically, to any user. The administrator can specify whether these Libraries are extensible and also if they are active by default.
    • Informal Sharing:
      • Individuals can make specific Libraries available for discovery and use by colleagues. The Library author can define whether others can extend the Library (customize it without changing the underlying Comments).

    Create a Library:

    Creating new libraries requires a paid account. Annotate PRO is free to all users until October 30, 2017.

    To create a new Library:

    1. Click New Library on the Edit menu
    2. Give your new Library a Name
    3. Add an optional Description (useful for searching later, once you and your colleagues have created many Libraries!)
    4. Add an optional Insert Name that will be used to create a Comment Bubble.
    5. Choose options:
    • Not Active / Active (personal) / Active – Shared (informal) / Active – Shared (formal
      • Not Active and Active (personal) determine whether this library will be selectable when using Annotate to insert comments
      • If available, Active – Shared (informal) makes a specific Library available to other users at a particular institution. The author of the Library can choose whether to allow others to use the Library as-is, or to extend the Library by customizing it for their own use. Other users can never edit the underlying Library; they can only add custom versions of Comments and add new Groups/Comments (that they alone will see).
      • If available, Active – Shared (formal) makes a specific Library a default choice for all users at an institution. You must be an admin at your institution to have this feature.
    • Extensible (toggle button)
      • Determines whether this library can be extended by colleagues should you share it
    • Selected (toggle button)
      • Determines whether this library loads automatically when you are inserting comments
    • Translate (toggle button)
      • Determines whether Google Translate is available for use with this library

    Once you’ve created a Library you can add new Groups and Comments to those Groups. Read more about editing Libraries.

    Discover and License Additional Libraries:

    Users at institutions that have licensed Annotate PRO for broad use may be able to share and discover Libraries created by colleagues. From the Annotate PRO menu, click Activate Libraries.

    You will see a list of your Libraries, ones shared with you and that you have licensed, and ones you can license.

    Note: every user registering in August and September 2017 will get the College Edition and Legal Writing Edition libraries to play with and use through October 30, 2017. At that point, users can choose to license a library, continue with a personal account to create his or her own content, or drop back to the free level (one library with 10 comments).

    1. Click Activate Libraries in the Edit menu
    2. Review available Libraries in the “Libraries you can license from 11trees” section
    3. Click on an available library to review licensing costs and activate it for your use