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Posted by on Mar 1, 2016

How Do I Use Annotate for Google Chrome with Other Websites?

Annotate for Google Chrome is optimized for Google Docs, but you can use it on most websites to enter text.

Many plain text entry boxes, like editing a WordPress Post in text mode, will allow you to right-click and use Annotate to insert comments.

For instance, the screenshot below is of a Blackboard discussion – clicking the HTML button will flip the display to plain text, and Annotate can be used to insert pre-written text.

Blackboard Discussion Edit

Alternately, you can just click outside the text entry box – on the body of the webpage – and make a choice from your Annotate right-click menu. The pre-written text will be added to your clipboard, so you can just click back inside the textbox and Paste (CTRL-V or CMD-V) to insert the comment.

Both options take a split second and will help you create much more detailed feedback for students – effortlessly.


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