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Annotate PRO for Microsoft Word – Edit Comment Library

You can edit your library inside the Microsoft Word taskpane or open your library in a full browser window and edit outside of Word. Yeah!

Here’s the short version:

  1. Click Edit Library in the Annotate PRO Ribbon OR, if Annotate PRO is already open, click Edit in the menu and then Edit Active Comments.
  2. Choose a Comment Group or change your selected Library/Libraries, then choose a Comment Group.

After choosing a Comment Group the Annotate Taskpane will update with that Group’s Comments. Just click a title to expand the Comment.

Depending on whether you authored the Comment and have permission to extend that Comment, or authored it yourself, you’ll have different customization options.

If you’d like to go beyond plain text comments, adding bolding and other formatting, or are curious how URLs are displayed, please read about formatting Annotate PRO comments.

  • Click the green New button to add a new Comment to the list.
  • If you are extending a library authored by another (such as 11trees’ College Edition library or a colleague’s library shared with you), toggle Default Comment or Custom Comment as needed
    1. Choose Custom (as shown in the image to the right) to make Annotate use your customized Comment Label and Comment Text
  • Optionally make a Comment Active or Inactive – showing/hiding the Comment when you are using a Library to insert comments.
    • There is currently no way to delete a Comment.
  • Optionally check Favorite or Not Favorite
    1. Checking Favorite will make the specific Comment appear in the Favorites section of the Insert Comments page as a button – for faster access.
  • Drag a Comment ‘panel’ up or down to reorder; click Update to save the current order.
    • You can reorder Comments that are part of a Group you did NOT author. Neat! 
  • Click Expand View (next to the green New button) to get a bigger window. Or even better, log into our web editor in your favorite browser and get really productive. Just remember to click Refresh on Annotate PRO’s Insert taskpane to sync up any changes you’ve made.

Once you have the larger view of your libraries you have two view options: Edit Active Comments and Manage Libraries. See below for details on these two views into your content.

Edit Active Comments

This view provides you with a more relaxed view into your content. You can choose a Group from any selected Library plus select any Active Libraries to edit their content. It’s a useful view into your content when you want to focus on a few Groups, editing and creating new Comments.

Remember to flip those toggles for Default/Custom and NOT Favorite/Favorite!

You can also click Print to get a big, scrolling list of the entire Library or Libraries selected.

You can copy this potentially huge list, then paste into Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to get a friendly version of content to better familiarize yourself with content, figure out which Comments you want to tweak or make Inactive etc.

Manage Libraries

Clicking Manage Libraries in the Expand View popup window will help you focus on editing and extending a single library. You can easily add new Groups and Comments to those Groups. Some tips:

  • You can collapse the Selected Library Details panel by clicking on its title. This will provide you with more room for editing the Library’s actual content.
  • Click a Group Name to see its list of Comments. In the screenshot, “Argument” is clicked, so we see its list of Comments in the right column.
  • Once you have clicked a Group Name, click Update Group to change its details (if you have editing rights).
  • Click New in the Comments column to add a new, blank Comment to the chosen Group. Yes! You can add your own Comments to Groups from the College Edition and Legal Writing Edition Libraries!
  • Click Sort in the Comments column to pop up a list of Comments in the currently selected Group. You can drag to reorder, then click Update to save your changes.
  • Click New Group to add a Group – even to Libraries that have been shared with you or that you have licensed.
    • Groups you author will appear in bold. Groups you’ve licensed or that are shared with you will be regular weight font.
  • Drag Groups into your desired order, then click Update in the Groups’ column
    • You can only reorder Groups you authored.
  • Click the Activate Libraries button to review all available Libraries – ones you have created but perhaps deactivated, ones created and shared by your colleagues (institutional clients only), and Libraries available from 11trees.

Creating and sharing Libraries is easy, but the process deserves its own page! Click below to read about using Annotate PRO to scale expert feedback across your institution!