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Annotate PRO for Microsoft Word – Insert Comments


These instructions cover both Word 2016 / Office 365 users running Windows or macOS and assume a Word document is open and the Annotate PRO Add-in is already installed. Click any image for a larger view.

The Short Version

  1. Open a Word document
  2. Click on the Annotate Ribbon
  3. Click Insert Comments to open the Annotate Insert page
  4. Make sure the Select an active Library or Libraries dropdown has the right choices checked.
    1. Click New Library or Activate Libraries in the Edit menu to create a new Library or activate Libraries shared with you..
  5. Select text in your document (or just place the cursor where you’d like to add a Comment) in your document and do one of the following to add a Comment from an Annotate PRO Library:
    1. Type in the Search Comments box and arrow down (or scroll) to find a comment you want. Then hit Return on your keyboard or click on the highlighted comment
    2. Type a Free Form Comment and click Insert
    3. Click a blue Favorites button (hover to see the contents of that button – cool!)
    4. Scroll down to the Group listing and Scroll through your Library. Find a comment you like and click it.

Now in detail (Windows and macOS):

Click any image for a larger view. Screenshots were taken with Word 2016 on macOS; the Windows experience is almost identical.


Step 1: Open the Annotate Ribbon

Click on the Annotate Tab in Microsoft Word 2016 to begin using Annotate. If, after installing Annotate PRO, you don’t see a Ribbon tab named “Annotate” you have a pretty old version of Word 2016. Please update if you can. In the interim, you can go to Insert then click My Add-ins to run Annotate.

Step 2: Open the Annotate PRO Insert Taskpane

From the Annotate Ribbon, click Insert Comments to open the Annotate Taskpane. If you aren’t logged or don’t have a free Annotate account, take appropriate action. Choose one or more Libraries (if available) to use.

Using Search:

After highlighting text in the document, or just placing the cursor, use Search to find an appproriate Comment from your library.

At the top of your Insert Comments page you’ll find a search box. Start typing – Annotate PRO searches your library (after you’ve typed 1 character) and surfaces results by Comment Group. Simply scroll through the list and click to insert the Comment you’ve chosen. BOOM!

Using Free Form Comment:

If nothing else, Annotate PRO is just a better mousetrap.

To add a purely custom Comment, highlight text in the document or place your cursor, then type your comment into the Free Form Comment box. Click Add to create a Word Comment Bubble and insert the comment, all in one fell swoop.

No searching for the Word ‘New Comment’ button etc.

Using Favorites:

When you edit your Comment Library, you can specify that a Comment be a Favorite. That comment will appear as a button in the Favorites section. Hover over a button to see its Comment. Click a button to insert a Comment Bubble containing its Comment.

Favorites currently appear in the order of the Comment Groups in your Comment Library.

Using Drop Downs:

You can also review available groups and scroll through their Comments – ideal if you’re new to a particular Comment Library and want to get a feel for its contents.

This section appears below Favorites. Make a choice to insert a Comment Bubble at your current selection or cursor location.

Additional Tips:

  • If available, click Translation to open the Google Translate panel. Choose the language of origin and destination language, then use Annotate to add a comment. Google Translate will do its magic!
    • Choose ‘Single’ to simply translate your comment into the destination language.
    • Choose ‘Dual’ to include the origin language and the translation.