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Annotate PRO for Google Chrome

Annotate for Google Chrome is a simple (but mighty!) extension for Google Chrome that makes it easy to give personalized, detailed feedback to students on their work.

Annotate PRO installs into Google Chrome in seconds through the Google Chrome Store.

Once installed, you’ll have one click access to potentially huge libraries of reusable comments – making it easy to quickly provide targeted feedback on a particular issue, often including a link out to additional resources. In a split second you’ll help students by providing detailed feedback and wow them with your personal attention.

Of course you can edit comments and their labels; Annotate PRO is free (forever) with 30 comments in a single Library. You can choose to license Annotate PRO as an individual or an institution so you can create many more Libraries. We also offer a growing list of Libraries you can license, including the College Edition Library (100+ comments targeting argument, evidence, grammar etc – appropriate for high school and college writing), and the Legal Writing Edition Library (300+ comments authored by Professor Mitch Nathanson of Villanova Law School and intended for first-year legal writing programs). 

How Easy is Annotate PRO for Chrome?

Say hello to your three new best friends: CTRL-S, ALT-A and right-click.

CTRL-S to Search (in Google Docs, Canvas, and Blackboard):

IIn Google Docs, Canvas, Blackboard and potentially other platforms, the Annotate PRO toolbar makes it easy to:

  • Highlight text
  • Click into the green Search box OR type CTRL-S
  • Type a few letters to search the full-text of your selected libraries
  • Arrow down through the results – or scroll – and hit Enter once you find the right comment
  • Annotate PRO inserts the comment…which you can then personalize.

ALT-A to Search:

Step 1)
In any webpage you want to use Annotate PRO, put your cursor in a text field then press ALT-A. Annotate PRO pops open…(you may need to set up a keyboard shortcut first)

Step 2)
Start typing – you’ll be searching your entire Annotate PRO library for matching text…(you may need to create a keyboard shortcut first)

Step 3)
Find a comment you like? Click ENTER on your keyboard and it will be added wherever your cursor was placed – whether a Google Docs comment, Gmail email body, or other text entry area.

Right-Click to Find a Comment:

Step 1)
Add a plain comment to a Google Doc and right-click.

Step 2)
Search your library (Annotate PRO College Edition comes with 100 pre-written comments covering much of the feedback you'll want to provide).

Step 3)
Click. Beautifully thought out feedback - which of course you can edit to suit your needs, both on the fly AND in the underlying Comment Library.

Install Annotate for Chrome

It takes 30 seconds, is free, and will help you give better feedback,
faster, starting immediately (well, 31 seconds later).

You can try the College Edition, with 100 pre-written comments suitable for high school and college writing, for 14 days risk free. And you can create your own Libraries or extend College Edition!

 Checkout this short “how to install” overview video to learn more…

Wow, I wish I had found this even sooner. With working with doctoral students, and trying to provide mountains of feedback, I need all the help I can get and this tool is exactly the thing I was looking for.

Dr. Kaye Shelton

Professor of Education, Lamar University

What I like best about Annotate is that it allows me to customize the program to reflect my own voice and style. I also love the fact that it allows me to draft quite lengthy comments, all the better to explain complex or multi-step concepts to my students.

Lisa T. McElroy

Professor, Drexel University Earle Mack College of Law