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Annotate PRO

Annotate is a simply (but mighty!) app for Google Chrome and Microsoft Word that makes it easy to give personalized, detailed feedback to students on their work.

We developed the first Annotate back in 2008 and thousands of professors and teachers have used it to create millions of words of feedback for students. We’ve completely recreated Annotate for 2017…

Annotate PRO is successful because it doesn’t require you to change your existing processes – there is no new software to learn – you’re still in Microsoft Word or Google Docs or Gmail or Schoology or Canvas. But now you’ve got the power of a pre-written library of comments that you can add with a couple of keystrokes…

And of course you can edit any and all of these comments to suit your needs. Or create libraries specific to your school and needs, then publish them to your colleagues…

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Annotate PRO
for Microsoft Word 2016

Annotate PRO
for Google Chrome & Google Docs


Annotate PRO appears as a Taskpane in Word 2016.

Click on a document or a comment bubble to place the Word cursor, then use the full-text search box or the category dropdowns to find an appropriate Comment.

One click? The full-text appears wherever your cursor is blinking.

Annotate PRO appears as a right-click (context) menu and a toolbar icon in Google Chrome

In most text entry areas, on any website, you can right-click and zoom through your library categories OR ALT-A to pop open your full-text search. Choose a comment? It’s inserted wherever your cursor was blinking. Google Docs comment box? Discussion board post? Gmail draft? Oh yes.

Annotate PRO Apps

Why not just try? Our Apps are free and come with 10 comments you can quickly edit to suit your needs…

Wow, I wish I had found this even sooner. With working with doctoral students, and trying to provide mountains of feedback, I need all the help I can get and this tool is exactly the thing I was looking for. I am also recommending the Writer’s Toolkit to all of my students.

Dr. Kaye Shelton

Professor of Education, Lamar University

What I like best about Annotate is that it allows me to customize the program to reflect my own voice and style. I also love the fact that it allows me to draft quite lengthy comments, all the better to explain complex or multi-step concepts to my students.

Lisa T. McElroy

Professor, Drexel University Earle Mack College of Law

Available Comment Libraries

Annotate PRO is designed to enable multiple libraries of comments – for all sorts of applications. Wherever teachers need to give personalized, detailed feedback Annotate PRO can help…

College Edition Library

Designed for college & high school writing
  • 100 pre-written comments covering six key areas of writing
  • Authored by writing instructors with a combined 30 years' experience
  • 70 open slots you can use to add your own content
  • Fast editing of any & all comments
  • macOS and Windows
  • Microsoft Word 2016 App
  • Google Chrome App
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Legal Writing Edition Library

Designed for first-year law school writing
  • 350 pre-written comments covering briefs & memos
  • Authored by Professor Mitchell Nathanson of Villanova Law School
  • 300 open slots you can use to add your own content
  • Fast editing of any and all comments
  • macOS and Windows
  • Microsoft Word 2016 app
  •  Google Chrome app
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