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Posted by on Feb 3, 2018 in Annotate PRO - General Questions, FAQ: Annotate for Google Chrome

Annotate PRO Toolbars

Annotate PRO offers optional toolbars that make it even easier to create fantastic feedback in Google Docs, Canvas SpeedGrader, Civitas Inspire for Faculty, Schoology, and Blackboard.

All you need to do is add a new comment as you always would, search or click a blue Favorite button, and AP will both insert your selected text. You can then easily personalize your feedback for the specific student.

You can also use AP to add text to messages, discussion posts – almost anywhere you can type.

The animation below shows Google Docs, but the same basic process happens in Canvas SpeedGrader, Blackboard, Civitas Inspire for Faculty, and Schoology.

In the AP Google Chrome Extension you can turn these toolbars off plus choose whether to display on the right, the top, or both top and right. From your Account page you can choose whether to show Search and History features, too, potentially saving more real estate for blue Favorite buttons.

To turn toolbars OFF or set them to right / top / both, click the green A icon in Chrome and choose your preferred option from the drop down.

You can also position the toolbar on the right.

Notice the student's avatar (the little guy with an axe in his head). This student must be a fan of A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Close the toolbar by clicking the 'x' in the top right. An innocuous green A button will appear. Click it to instantly reopen the toolbar(s). 

If you position the toolbar on top, you'll see a history of comments for the current student (Canvas SpeedGrader only). You can scroll through previous comments...

The date of a particular comment is clickable and will open the original  Canvas SpeedGrader submission.

Learn more about the history Feed...