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Posted by on Mar 5, 2016 in FAQ: Annotate for Google Chrome

Annotate doesn’t add a Comment after I use the right-click menu?

You access Annotate by right-clicking in a text entry box on just about any website. You should see something very similar to the image at right.AnnotateRightClickMenu

There are a couple of reasons Annotate might NOT insert a comment:

  1. Annotate needs a little kick in the rear to get going, especially after first install. Try refreshing the web page (like a Google Document), then trying again.
  2. You are right-clicking in a “fancy” text-entry box. For instance, a rich text editor. There is a fast workaround: just right-click outside of the rich text entry box, choose the comment you want from the Annotate menu, then click in the rich text editor where you would like to insert your comment, and Paste. Annotate has added your choice to your clipboard, so you can paste it anywhere (even outside of Google Chrome).

Contact Us if you aren’t getting that Annotate love!

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